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Ebay Listing of the Day – 10/14/09

Carter’s Emu Namae Going HOme Dog Lovey Stuffed HCTS

HCTS members love loveys! Whether it be a stuffed animal, musical plush toy or blanket….these cute little things can be a great money-maker on Ebay. You can find them almost anywhere…..garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops are great places to look. Usually they are fairly inexpensive, from a few cents to a few dollars. Many toddlers (and even bigger kids as well) have a favorite toy or blanket that they just CANNOT be without. Oftentimes it was something purchased when they were a baby and is no longer available for sale as a new item in a store. Parents turn to Ebay to find a replacement lovey for their little ones.

Today’s Ebay listing of the day is a cute little lovey from Madi-Cakes Closet and More. This caught my eye scrolling through listings with the nice gallery photo. I like the additional photos you included in the listing. I also enjoyed reading your auction description/terms… seem like a really easy-to-get-along with seller and it comes through on your lising.

Only one thing on your listing caught my eye as needing a revision and it was this: JUST LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE INSURANCE AND I’LL ADD IT TO YOUR INVOICE ($1.35 FOR UP TO $50.00 INSURANCE). Please note that I cannot be responsible for the items once I have mailed them if you do not purchase insurance.

Effective this month, Ebay no longer allows sellers to offer or charge for optional insurance coverage on items. Verbiage referring to insurance needs to be removed from listings and sellers are responsible for making sure their packages reach their customers safely.

Overall a great listing for really cute lovey. Best of luck with your listing!

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