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SPECIAL OFFER from AUCTION MOMS-ebook “Secrets of Garage Sale Bargains”

Hi friends!

~~Hope you are enjoying your summer. Sherah sent me this special offer for storks, and I wanted to pass it on to you-enjoy!~~

News Bulletin from Sherah at Auction Moms Newsletter (

It’s garage sale season again!! Just this past week I was driving the kids home from swimming lessons and saw a familiar neon SALE sign posted near our street. Ooooh the pull! I have to admit that I *did* turn down that street and drive past, but I was a good mommy and didn’t stop since my kids were hungry for lunch. =)

A while back I found a set of Coca-Cola bathroom accessories stuffed inside the matching trash can: shower hooks, shower curtain, and rug. I talked them down to $2.00 for the set! The shower curtain alone sold for $44 – and the hooks for an additional $18.

I made a total of $75 profit on that one little purchase -who knows, tomorrow it might happen to you!I am continually astonished at the incredible bargains I find to sell on Ebay at garage sales! So, I thought it’s about time I offered a SPECIAL DISCOUNT exclusively to all HCTS readers for my ebook, “Secrets of Garage Sale Bargains”. The regular price is $17.99, but your special price is only $10.00 today!

The ebook has been selling like hotcakes! It is 26 pages long, and full to the brim of excellent tips from the garage sale “masters”. With garage sale season upon us, you’ll greatly benefit from these special techniques for finding the best bargains!

Here are some emails I’ve received from my readers:


“I’m so glad that I purchased your Garage Sale Secrets e-book!It has turned out to be a very worthwhile investment.”

“As I read through it, I realized that I have gotten into a very bad yard sale habit. I am mostly looking for children’s clothing.Therefore, if I don’t spot nice looking children’s clothing from the road, I would often keep going. There is no telling how manytreasures I have missed over the last year.”

“After reading your e-book, I decided to change my ways. Last weekend I made myself stop and look at every sale, regardless of how it looked from the road. I really found some treasures!”

“My find of the week: Betsy Clark NIB toy stove and toy sinkfrom 1973. Paid $10 for the pair. Listed both on ebay separately.One ended at $171 and the other at $181. I am so excited(and so glad I stopped at that yard sale)!!!”


The $10 price is only available through 8/5/09 at midnight… so you will need to act quickly.You can read more about Secrets of Garage Sale Bargains here (don’t order it from that page though!):

Remember, DON’T ORDER IT FROM THAT PAGE or you will be paying too much! Here is a special link I’ve set up for HCTS readers to get a very nice discount:

Talk to you soon!

Sherah Taylor
Mommy to 7 blessings ages 10,8,6,5,3,1,& newborn

Here Comes The Stork

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Ebay Listing of the day 7/27/09

Hey girlies!! It’s me Rebecca. Thanks so much to the mods for helping out these past few weeks. They did an awesome job, don’t you think? I’m hoping I can rope them into doing it more often!! It’s always nice to have a varied point of view.Here is today’s listing of the day-a Baby Gap jumper and shirt, by seller new2you1260. Your title is awesome. What a great idea to include Euro sizing to increase your target audience, brilliant! And offering FREE SHIPPING is another good way to attract more bidders. Your pictures are good, but oops-did you notice one is turned incorrectly? I love that you included the measurements in your listing. Nice job, that is sooooo helpful to buyers and a great way to avoid returns. The rest of your listing is very professional and well worded. 

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eBay Listing of the Day! 7/24/07

Happy Friday everyone! Are you running back to school auctions? Uniform items are selling right now. Even used uniform pieces are worth selling if 1) they are a known uniform brand or 2) you can put several like items in a lot. Of course they should be in good (preferably very good to great) condition. Look at it this way – if you spend $9.99 at Target on shorts for your child, and he wears them for a year and you can still get $4-5 for them…that can’t be beat! Try it!

The listing of the day has a beautiful gallery photo.

The colors of the item are so pretty and show up well in the photograph. I like the layout of the dress and the bloomers – this has been the kind of angle I usually favor myself when I take my own photographs.


In addition, the listing offers other photos – very useful – and a thorough description of the item with good details.

Good work newtoyou1260!

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eBay Listing of the Day! 7/23/07

How’s everyone doing on this Thursday at the end of July?

NEW Girls 12 Lilly Pulitzer Shoo Fly Capri Pants HCTS

This listing has a great title and a great gallery pic. The keywords in the title are all of importance and none are wasted. The picture is crisp and clear, the colors look great and the white background makes the pants pop off the screen.  I think buyers will appreciate the brevity used in the length of the description as well. The shipping rate is more than fair and the seller’s 100% feedback stands out to me also. Good Job on this Sylver Creek!|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A3|294%3A50

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eBay Listing of the Day! 7/22/07

NWT Hanna Chestnut Tree Girl Dress 150 11 12 13 hcts

This listing’s gallery pic is very well done. It’s photographed clearly with good color and the way the dress “floats” due to the white background really makes it stand out and look its best. The seller has useful links included in the listing as well as clearly delineated areas of information (Shipping, Payment, etc.). In addition, the use of her store’s logo photograph by each of these headings is attractive. The listing is clear and makes good use of white space in order not to overwhelm the buyer. Great Job Kallisstuff!!

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eBay Listing of the Day! 7/21/07

Happy Tuesday everyone! Are you listing? School is starting soon and people still need some summer things like bathing suits! Don’t forget Halloween because people are shopping already.

Huge Lot Boys 12 18 month Fall Winter Carter’s TCP HCTS

This listing for a boys lot has a great collage pic that attracts the eye and shows exactly what you will receive if you bid. The bold black graphic lines delineating the individual photos bring the whole collage together with style.

The item is on sale and has Best Offer so price-wise the listing is quite competitive. The description is easy to read and accurately describes what the buyer will receive. The seller offers a very fair shipping discount for additional items purchased. The seller’s logo and graphics used for the listing are clean and attractive and professional. In addition, she links her other listings right in the item description, always a good idea. The individual large photos are helpful, as are the store categories.

Great Job Jacebstreasure!|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|293%3A4|294%3A50

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Ebay listing of the day! 7/17/09

NWT Girls Disney Pajamas PJs Top Shorts Set 6 NEW HCTS

I don’t have a lot to say about this listing because, well….it’s great! Clear pictures, clear descriptions, nice clean layout. I really, really enjoy the positive way you address the details (payment, shipping, returns, feedback). You come across as a very friendly seller who is eager and willing to work with buyers to make the transaction successful for both parties.

A super listing from SylverCreek!

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Ebay listing of the day! 7/16/09


Love, love, love your pictures! It’s so appealing that you took the time to set up the whole little “play kitchen” scenario. It made me want to bid on your auction, for certain!

Besides the great photos,  you have a clear description of what is included with the auction.

I really like your paragraph addressing feedback:

Feedback is the perfect way to let me know your item was received and you are happy with it. Customer service is very important to me. If you have any questions or concerns, or are not happy with your item, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will leave feedback once it has been left for me.

What a nice way to ask for feedback without being too pushy.

Super listing from Melissalaneous Twins and More, great job on your auction!

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Ebay listing of the day! 7/15/09


Huge Lot Clothes Girls 18 24 month Fall Winter EUC HCTS

‘Tis the season for auctioning lots, so today’s listing of the day is a great fall & winter clothing lot from Jaceb’s Treasures.

Your gallery picture as a collage is very eye-catching, so buyers can see right off the bat they’re getting a lot of clothes with this auction.

I really like how you list right away how many pieces are in the lot, as well as break it down by clothing type (tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.) as well as include the brands that are included. Even more important, you did a brief description of the individual outfit below each picture. As a buyer I find it frustrating and time-consuming if I have to scroll up & down to match up a description in one part of a listing with a picture somewhere else. They way you did it is great and makes it super-easy for your buyer to identify what they’re getting.

I do have one suggestion for your lot…..and that is  your title. One thing you’re missing out on is all the FABULOUS brand names your lot includes. Brands like Baby Gap, Gymboree and Ralph Lauren are highly searched and finding room for them in your title opens up an opportunity for many more people to find and view your lot.

I might recommend changing your title from it’s current form:

Huge Lot Clothes Girls 18 24 month Fall Winter EUC HCTS


GYMBOREE  BABY GAP TCP Girl 18-24 Fall Winter Clothes Lot HCTS
(if it doesn’t all fit, I’d drop the TCP)

Overall, great lot listing!

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Ebay listing of the day! 7/14/09

Littlest Pet Shop Halloween Sugar Glider 432 NEW HCTS

Your very professional-looking gallery picture is what jumped out at me for this listing! I love the nice, close-up of the item for sale, along with the color-coordinated border. It really stood out among the other listings on the page. Great job!

Your listing is clear & concise, all the item specifics are filled out and your description is brief and to the point. You provide multiple pictures of the item and state specifically how it will be shipped. Your TOS (terms of sale) as far as payment, shipping times and return policy are also very clear.

Great listing!!

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